Bit and help for Comet the sentive thoroughbred

Good afternoon,. My name is eleonore and my horseu friend is comet. We got some problem to find the right bit to talk to each other. I tried many thing but he is telling me thing that I don't understand. when I bought he has a French link, the I had a lozenge ring wth copper in the middle, then a hallow saffle double jointed then turtle tactio (Neue Shule). same thing a soon a I pick the rein he lift his head. All the downward transition he lift his head up. I also tried a flexi eggbutt Mullen mouth. It was a little bit better until he start to shake his head up and down. I discovered that the resine is chipping and full of cracks that probably hurting him. and to be honest I don't know how the cracks happened He also have a strange behaviour in the stable: up to 3 months ago he was not opening his mouth. I use a lot of horsemanship techniques to make him happy by the view of the saddle and the bridle. He also have a time when he was with the French link pulling his tongue out of the bit. In term of activity we started by dressage but as he has his mouth issue I stop, then I tried the jumping but he wants to go forward and not to listen to me when I tried to control the number of strike I stopped (2 weeks ago) we discovered TREC and it's probably the best that happened to us because the PTV and the MA are fun and the POR make us going out in the big wild outdoor and face our fears ( we both have) shoulder to shoulder and that's reinforce the bond. Our bond is more mental/trust that a physical. He accepts my voice all the time, my seat and my legs most of the time but not my hands up to know. So could you please help and advices. Thanks Comet and eleonore

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