Strong young horse moving up levels

Hi, I have got a big young horse who is incredibly strong at times. He is currently in a myler combination bit with a 36 mouth piece(low wise barrel) it’s the first bit I’m able to hold him in but he’s progressing now and for 75% of the tome when I’m jumping it’s too strong and doesn’t give a quick enough hold and release effect and he’s tending to drop behind me. Just wondered what bit you might recommend was looking at perhaps the happy tongue Pelham?

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Hi Zoe,

The Pelham Happy Tongue won't give a fast release either. I would rather move to a 2½ Ring Ported Barrel. The 2½ Ring has a back strap attached to the top ring, this strap allows you to adjust how quickly the leverage comes in, the 2½ Ring always releases quickly. I think this will suit him better and stop him from dropping behind the contact.

I would select a Ported Barrel mouth piece as this will still keep the pressure off his tongue, while allowing you independent lateral aids.


Claire @ Bombers
one month ago
Hi, thanks for that feedback that makes sense, would you recommend the eggbutt or the Williams 21/2 ring ported? Thanks - Zoe one month ago
Hi Zoe, I think just the standard 2½ Ring will be enough for your horse. Both the Eggbutt 2½ Ring and the Williams bring the pressure in a lot faster, with no ability to adjust how fast the pressure comes in. The 2½ Ring will allow you to adjust how quickly the pressure comes in. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers one month ago
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