Bit that relieves pressure on tongue

My 19 yr old Warmblood Hunter/Jumper has been going in a 3 piece happy mouth for awhile but have noticed that the bit leaves an indentation across his tongue and the top half of his tongue (past the bit) is slightly discolored/white (ie circulation) after each ride. A straight bar does the same thing. He has always been heavy on the bit and takes a lot of work to keep him light. Considering a port, but would like recommendations for a bit.

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Hi Carrie,

Leaning so heavily on the bit that the tongue loses circulation is fairly strong sign that the horse is trying to numb tongue pressure, but taking the pressure off his tongue tongue, he will lighten up.

I recommend a Classic Dee Happy Tongue for him. The Happy Tongue will take the pressure off his tongue very well, this will allow him to stop leaning so heavily.


Claire @ Bombers
3 weeks ago
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