Horse unwilling to steer. Could you suggest a bit?

I would really appreciate your advice on a suitable bit for my 11 year old mare. She is a big 17hh. She has had only basic schooling and is very well behaved, but is difficult to steer and is inclined to put her head down and try to pull the reins out of your hands. She does not put her head up. At the moment I am riding her with a Myler Toklat loose ring snaffle. The reason I made inquiries about an eggbut snaffle is I am worried about her lips getting pinched as she has fleshy lips. I also need something that will not pull through her mouth as she will just turn and go her own way. I am an experienced rider and only want to hack her but would like to school her properly. Her teeth and back are taken care of by dentists and chiropractors, so this is not the cause of her unwillingness to steer.

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Thanks for all your information.

We would recommend our Happy Tongue with the Williams cheek piece 175mm (7”) – we will add bit rubbers (colour of your choice).
We will make it up for you and because it is non-standard, it would not be returnable.

The Happy Tongue will remove tongue pressure which is what your horse is objecting to and the Williams cheek pieces will encourage flexing and will not be pulled through.

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Thank you so much for your advice. It is greatly appreciated. I would like to order the Williams Happy Tongue bit as proposed. - 6 years ago
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