Fairly novice but soft and sensible with sensitive tongue

Hi, would appreciate some advice. I've just started working a fairly novice horse who has mostly been a much loved field ornament for the first 13 years of his life, lots of potential, if bitted he sucks his tongue back which makes him cough and and then puts it back under the bit but goes behind the contact(over bent to avoid contact) he's actually very sensible and has a soft mouth and goes much better with a very light contact however the bits that have been tried have not been ideal (I've only ever tried him in a loose ring elliptical (it's not a particularly thin one)as that's what I was told to ride him in however he's apparently had the simmilar issues with others including a snaffel. Once he's ready to go to a little dressage show we unfortunately will not be allowed to go bitless. He's half warmblood, a quarter TB and a quarter draft horse, about 17 hands. I've found Bomber blue, Bombers happy tongue straight and Bombers ported barrel that were all in your sensitive tongue section and are dressage legal in the U.K, which would you recommend please?

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Hi Kate,

The horse is showing quite strong signs of being sensitive to pressure on the tongue.

For Dressage I prefer the Ported Barrel. The Ported Barrel gives good tongue relief, but it also allows for independent lateral aids, allowing the you to aid on one side of the mouth. This creates separation in the aids and allows for a more finessed contact.


Claire @ Bombers
3 months ago
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