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Hi after some advice have an ex racer who's coming back into work and year and half off due to injury, I didnt have her long before, but they did say she was funny with bit anyway, so as soon as Bridle on in stable, she's got head sideways chomping on bit, foam and slobber everywhere and pulling tongue back, when on lunge she's OK, but then when ridden as soon as contact her head goes sideways, slobber flying everywhere, head up high and pulling her tongue right back and then over, she is a very stressy mare anyway, I've tried loose ring snaffle sweet iron lozenge, full check snaffle French link, but neither were any good, so like I say only 3rd week in work so not tried many, she does get strong out in the open and wanting to hunt her eventually once fit, so looking for suggestions as never seen a horse like this with a bit

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your question.

Your mare is showing a high degree of tongue sensitivity. Both the French Link and the Elliptical use mostly tongue pressure.

I recommend a DC Morgan Happy Tongue Straight Swivel for your horse. The DC Morgan allows the ported mouth piece to work independently of the cheek pieces, this allows the mouth piece to stay very still in the mouth because there is no rotation of the mouth piece when the contact is taken up.  This also allows the bit to be very soft on the bars as the movement in the mouth becomes very smooth. This eliminates the maximum amount of tongue pressure.


Claire @ Bombers
3 months ago
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