Always has tongue over bit

Any suggestions? My horse always has his tongue over the bit no matter what u put him in. Have even tried stubben tongue depressor bit. Fine for the first 3 rides then got tongue over bit and couldn’t get it back so pretty much freaked out. Subsequent ride got it over immediately, so long new bit. He’s not a strong horse but would like have bit working properly as i think he braces against rider with his tongue over bit.

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Hi Daniela,

Putting the tongue over the bit is a strong sign that the horse does not want any pressure on his tongue. The tongue provides cushioning for the bars, it is important to allow the tongue to be relaxed and comfortable under the bit to ensure the protection of the bars.

I recommend a DC Morgan Happy Tongue Straight Swivel for your horse. This bit takes the maximum amount of tongue pressure off, allowing the horse to be comfortable enough to keep their tongue relaxed under the bit.


Claire @ Bombers
one month ago
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