What bit is best to stop my horse leaning on the bit?

My horse's responses seem delayed and she pulls / leans a bit on the bit before responding, so her responses feel delayed.
She is a 6 year old Percheron Mare. Currently using a straight rubber bar. She has not been ridden much, busy having her schooled. Previously used a happy mouth mullen, when she outgrew that started using the straight rubber bar snaffle loose ring (which is quite thick). No particular discipline, hoping to do a little dressage when she's schooled other wise just hack and ride for fun. Don't want anything too harsh but something that she responds to a little more?

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We suggest a Williams Happy Tongue, size 170mm (6 ¾), 16mm thickness for your horse.

The Happy Tongue mouth piece relieves the pressure on the horse’s tongue, it’s a great bit for a young horse to gain confidence in.

The Williams cheek piece has the advantage of having two positions to attach the reins to, the bottom ring affords more control if needed. Plus the cheek piece covers a large area of the cheek, which helps with a young horse learning about the turning aids.

Claire @ Bombers
6 years ago
Thanks - can I get an idea of price for this? - Vanessa 6 years ago
I have emailed the price to you Vanessa. - Claire @ Bombers 6 years ago
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