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I'm looking for a jumping bit for my horse he's a 17.1 iSH x ID. He has quite a small mouth with a fleshy tongue and large lips (Even the dentist says I must struggle with his bitting aha). He can be fussy and busy mouthed in lots of bits and can be very strong when jumping as he gets very excited and quick so when I need to bring him back to me its not always the easiest he will tuck his head in, having said that he is super sensitive in the mouth. In some bits that I have tried he get his tongue over them, i have tried many bits to try and get him as comfortable as possible. I tried him in a Bomber happy mouth 3 ring gag for jumping and he didn't like it really just had no respect for it and was still strong, so that wasn't a good option for us.

For flat work he's currently in a Stubben easy control which he is going quite well in building up some great topline and showing some nice work however he does like to get his head low becoming quite heavy and on the forehand so I feel I need something that is going to support him and lift his head again he is very fussy if he doesn't like something he just tosses his head and doesn't listen, the ez control is the best i have found so far.

Jumping he needs something that's going to be more supportive for him and help me get the message across without being too strong as he the tucks his head in again going behind the vertical which seems to be proving a mission!

Hopefully you will have some suggestions.

Kind Regards Megan

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Hi Megan,

Thank you for your question.

With your horses very fleshy lips, we would look at a fixed cheek piece for him, this will allow us to fit the bit on the snug side without pinching his lips. Fitting the bit slightly snug reduces how much the bit will move through the mouth from side to side. Stabilizing the bit makes the horse more comfortable.

Your horse does well will no squeezing pressure on the bars, but we also need to reduce the amount of tongue pressure the bit creates as this is pushing his head down.

I recommend an Eggbutt Elliptical Ultra Comfy Lock Up. This mouth piece cannot fold closed so the squeezing pressure on the bars is eliminated. It is also angled so that it goes up and over the tongue, this reduces the amount of tongue pressure the Elliptical creates.


Claire @ Bombers
one month ago
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