Trigeminal headshaker that resists pressure

Hi my conn x Tb is a headshaker who finds it very difficult to simply accept a bit and remain on the bridle. He will either go above the contact or behind it and tuck his chin to chest and then rush onto his forehand. He then finds it hard to breathe I think as his gullet area is so restricted. I encourage him to lengthen his neck, slow down and relax into the contact but he won’t take it forward and down or simply remain in a neutral soft mouth. When soft in the mouth, he will then curl behind the contact, He will then get poll ache I think and even after 2 mins will need to shake it out after having been asked to stay on the bridle. Trying to ignore the contact and just ride him forward means that he rushes about with not much control! He hated an eggbutt and appears happier in his myler comfort snaffle with low port but still does all the above in that. Has a fleshy tongue.

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Hi Sarah,

The Myler will create less tongue pressure than traditional mouth pieces. It is the tongue pressure that is causing your horse to try and avoid the bit.

I recommend a DC Morgan Happy Tongue Straight Swivel for him. The Happy Tongue will take the pressure off his tongue very well. The DC Morgan allows the ported mouth piece to work independently of the cheek pieces, this allows the mouth piece to stay very still in the mouth because there is no rotation of the mouth piece when the contact is taken up.  This eliminates the maximum amount of tongue pressure and also allows the bit to be very soft on the bars as the movement in the mouth becomes very smooth.


Claire @ Bombers
6 weeks ago
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