Which bit to use for more control?

Hi I am looking for a bit for my Percheron. He is very strong. I was advised to get a pelham bit, for a bit more control. Could you advise me on a bit that would still be gentle on his mouth, but would still give me some control. He was schooled with a plain snaffle.
He has only received about 3 weeks of basic schooling, as he was used as a breeding stallion for the last seven years.  He was gelded recently. He was ridden in a halter on trail and he is very strong. I was advised to get a flash nose band and a pelham, because he did open his mouth and lifted his head, but this could be due to the fact that we tried one of my other horse’s bits, it was a 5.5 inch, which was too small. We did not ride him with that bridle and bit.  Do you think I should try a bigger bit and see what he does?

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The fact that he was ridden him on a trail, when he hasn’t had much schooling, and was recently gelded, is a good sign that he actually listens quite well.  I’m not surprised that he was strong in a halter, and I don’t think that means that he needs a particularly strong bit.  With his history, I actually think he did quite well.
When the right bit is fitted, and providing that there are no other problems, then you shouldn’t need a flash, because he will have no reason to open his mouth.  He is young in his riding career, I would go softer first.
I would recommend the Williams cheek piece over a Pelham.  It will give you two positions for your reins, which means that you can move your reins down to get more poll pressure, if it is needed.  As it is a large, firm cheek piece it will also help him to understand the turning aids better as well.
I would also recommend our Happy Tongue mouth piece.  I very much doubt that he will need anything stronger than that.  It relieves the pressure on his tongue, as well as being curved to follow the shape of his mouth.

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