Which bit would you recommend?

I have a 16.2hh warmblood who is currently ridden in a french link loose ring. He seems to be happy in a loose ring rather than a fixed cheek as he tends to lean on me when he is in a fixed cheek, whether it be a eggbut, full cheek or hanging cheek. I do find that he comes above the bit quite frequently in the french link and does grind his teeth. I use this bit for dressage and jumping and find in xc that his head does get rather low and he leans on me. No major control issues really, just have to pull his head up ! What would you recommend for dressage and for xc. Thanks

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Hi Ruth, Have you tried him in any other bits? If so, what were they and how did he react to them? It sounds like he is not quite comfortable with the French Link. The French Link sits at an angle on the tongue, so the pressure is not distributed very well. It may be that a bit that distributes the pressure better will make him more comfortable or it may be that he does not like pressure on his tongue. I need a little more information from you to determine which it is. - Claire @ Bombers 5 years ago
Hi Claire, I have tried him other double jointed bits that have a losenge in the middle, a hanging cheek and full cheek. His reaction was that he was very heavy in those bits. I have also tried him in an demy anky joint which was a loose ring. This bit he had a similar reaction to the french link - coming above the bit rather than leaning. Does this help? Thanks Ruth - Ruth Kennett 5 years ago


Hi Ruth,

Yes thank you, that helps quite a bit. It sounds to me like he is a bit tongue sensitive. He is trying to escape the pressure most bits place on the tongue.

I would suggest a Happy Tongue for the cross country. It relieves the tongue of the pressure these horse's dislike. I would suggest a Williams cheek piece as well. It give two rein options, as well as being quite solid, so that it aids in turning. But it is not a fixed cheek piece, the mouth piece slides on a bar, thus allowing the pressure to be released instantly, exactly like a loose ring.

Unfortunately the Happy Tongue is not yet legal for Dressage. Here I would suggest you use a Loose Ring Lock Up it does not fold up like the normal Snaffle, therefore eliminating any pinching of the tongue. While it is well accepted by horse's with a sensitive tongue, it is only second best to the Happy Tongue.

Claire @ Bombers
5 years ago
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