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I have a fairly big Warmblood who is rideable on the flat in a snaffle, however when jumping I find it very hard to steer and stop her. She has a massive jump and without proper control throws me around o her back. I've tried her in a happy tongue bomber bit with hook in the ring, in a happy mouth gag, a Dee ring with a twisted mouthpiece and in a happy mouth pelham. We've come to the conclusion that she likes prefers the bits with pressure and texture like a happy mouth, and a bit that doesn't move around. Are there any bits that you could recommend? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ines,

Have you tried her in a Waterford? That may provide the texture that your mare prefers. The Waterford distributes pressure quite well over the entire mouth, similar to the way a Happy Mouth would.

For cheek pieces, I would suggest something with a couple of rein options, but also a fixed cheek piece.

First the Eggbutt Williams, which offers two rein options, if you find it necessary to add some poll pressure. It is also quite a solid cheek piece, therefore helping with the turning aids, similar to a Fulmer.

You could also try a Eggbutt 2 ½ Ring, again with two rein options. It is not quite as solid as the Williams.

I have added pictures of the two cheek pieces for you to have a look.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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