Head shaker crosses jaw runs away tries to push bit out with tongue

I have an 8 year old cross Hanoverian Thoroughbred gelding. He hates bit pressure of any sort. I have to stop him with my seat as bit pressure makes him panic and bolt. He shakes his head if he does eventually soften to the bridle and drop his head. He will cross his jaw and stick head up and push against the bit with his tongue and fight until I release pressure. I have had an experienced dressage rider from Belgium ride him with exactly the same result. I have a disabled right hand and arm so am not strong with my hands. I have tried the port mouth and eliptical link with no real change.

Posted in Dressage, asked by Dorothy Meyer, 5 years ago. 853 hits.


Hi Dorothy,

Your horse sounds like he is tongue sensitive. He will dislike any bit that places pressure on his tongue, which unfortunately is most bits.

Before I recommend bits, please could you attach a picture of the port mouth you mentioned you have tried with him before.

That will give us a better idea of what kind of relief he need for his tongue.


Claire @ Bombers
5 years ago
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