Young warmblood wont take contact and is tossing his head?

I have a warmblood youngster who is 2 months under saddle. He won't take contact, always just dropping behind my hand or sidereins. He still tosses his head and tries to rub his head when being bridled. I suspect he is resenting tongue pressure. Interested in bomber blue or happy tongue, not sure if eggbutt or loosering would be best? Please advise. Have tried a nathe snaffle, apple mouth eliptical and fat hollow loosering snaffle - all no good.

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I agree that it sounds like your horse is sensitive to tongue pressure.
Either the Bomber Blue or the Happy Tongue would be a good choice for your horse. 
The Happy Tongue is a slightly softer bit because the branches are curved.  The Bomber Blue is better suited to a horse that does not like metal.
We would advise that you take the loose rings.  They give an immediate release from pressure, which is important when teaching a youngster.

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Just wanted to thank you for the assistance with selecting a bit. I rode my youngster in it today and he was much happie - 5 years ago
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