Bit for horse that sticks their tounge out

My horse sticks her tongue out when I'm riding her. (her teeth have recently been floated and her jaw, pole and neck are in alignment). She does have a pretty low pallet in her mouth.
She prefers a rubber dee ring snaffle bit and when she is focusing and working on collection she will keep her tongue in her mouth most of the time. However, I show in the hunters so she's on a loose contact a lot and her tongue is always hanging out. Sometimes when I jump she roots after the jumps, so I put a metal dee ring with a little port in and that helps but after a while she starts to go behind the bit to evade the pressure on her bars. If a dee ring, rubber, small port bit existed i think that's what she would be happy in. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi Kate,

Your mare sounds tongue sensitive. She starts to evade the small ported bit, because it is not giving her enough tongue relief. Most ports are too narrow to offer the tongue as much space as it needs.

I recommend trying a Classic Dee Bomber Blue on your mare. The Bomber Blue is a nylon composite, designed to encourage salivation. The bit has a low, wide port, designed to give complete tongue relief, while not giving any palate pressure.

Claire @ Bombers

Claire @ Bombers
5 years ago


Thanks Claire!
Could you explain the difference between Classic Dee Bomber Blue and Dee Happy Tongue and how affect the horse? Also, does the Classic Dee Bomber Blue need to have the bit guards on at all times?
Thanks for your help!

5 years ago


Hi Kate,

The Classic Dee is a slightly smaller Dee that our standard Dee, it is just for aesthetics.

The Bomber Blue is great for horses that don't like metal, otherwise the action is very similar to the Happy Tongue, which is made from sweet iron. The Happy Tongue is a slightly softer bit though, because it is curved on the sides. Horses will accept the sweet iron far better than they accept stainless steel.

We provide bit rubbers with all our Bomber Blue bits, but they are not necessary, and can be easily removed if desired. A well fitting bit should not pinch or rub the horse.

I have attached a picture of a Classic Dee snaffle. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the Classic Dee Bomber Blue.

Claire @ Bombers
5 years ago
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