chewing on the bit and moving jaw from side to side, opens mouth

As soon as I put the bridle on my horse she shows discomfort and opens her mouth and moves her jaw from side to side and chews the bit.
She froths at the mouth and keeps chewing and sucking on the bit furiously. Clearly uncomfortable.
sometimes when I take the reins she shakes her head and throws it up, other times she will ge behind the bit, or in the canter get heavy and forward and lean on the bit. the canter issue is more a balance issue I think, I'm mostly concerned that she chews the bit so much and tries to open her mouth.
What do you recommend?
she currently has a 3 link eggbutt french snaffle.

she has been checked by a dentist and they didn't find anything wrong.

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Hi Anja,

I believe your horse is tongue sensitive, and does not like any pressure placed on her tongue.

Unfortunately most bits use tongue pressure. The best bit for her would be the Happy Tongue, which has a low, wide port to eliminate tongue pressure. Sadly this bit is not Dressage legal.

The second best choice for her is the Lock Up Snaffle with Comfy bend. This bit looks like a regular Snaffle, but it does not fold closed like a regular Snaffle, thus eliminating the nut cracker action. It does not remove any pressure from the tongue, but it does distribute it evenly over the whole mouth. The extra bend means that the bit follows the contours of the horse's mouth.

Claire @ Bombers

Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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