2 1/2 ring vs Williams

I am looking to purchase a bit that is versatile and would like to know the different actions of the 2 1/ ring vs the williams. I have 45 horses of all ages so would like to be able to use it in all stages of training

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Hi Cheryl,

The Williams is a stronger cheek piece than the 2 1/2 Ring.

The 2 1/2 Ring comes fitted with a backstrap that can be adjusted so that the leverage on the mouth piece comes into effect faster or slower.

The bar that the mouth piece is situated on in the Williams means that the leverage comes into effect immediately.

Both cheek pieces give a fast release from pressure, both also have two options for rein placement. The advantage of the Williams is that it is a fairly solid cheek piece, and therefore acts in a similar fashion to a Fulmer.

Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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