Which bit to use?

My little 5year old TB has a tongue that bulges out the side of this mouth. I am using a loose ring snaffle on him at the moment. When I put a little pressure on the bit he really chews at it (grinds). Do you think the eggbutt loose ring happy tongue could work for him. Should I get the 12/8mm one, or a thicker one. I can see how my 5" french link fits him to get an idea of the correct size. I haven't tried the french link on him as I think it may be a bit sharp. Do you think it is worth trying?

I tried him in an eggbutt mullen mouth the other day and he seemed most comfortable with this and his tongue didn’t bulge out the sides even though it was normal thickness. But he leaned on it lots. I am wondering if I should go for a pelham for him, maybe the pelham 55 happy tongue.

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The fact that he is better in the mullen mouth suggests that he does indeed have a sensitive tongue, but the mullen is quiet a strong bit, as it places pressure everywhere in the mouth.
The Happy Tongue is ported to give tongue relief and it is also curved to reduce the amount of pressure.
I think that he was leaning in the mullen mouth because it was too strong from him.

When you say his tongue bulges out the side of his mouth, is it because he has a very fat tongue?  How much room does he have in his mouth?  If there is very little room in his mouth then the 12/8 would be a better choice for him.  Normally a thinner bit is a little sharper than a thicker one, but if your horse has very little room in his mouth then he will be a lot more comfortable with a thinner bit

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