Does not enjoy the bit

My 4y/o THB takes the bridle happily but as the bit goes into his mouth, he just keeps his mouth open like in a yawn and moves his lower jaw from side to side. As soon as I have finished working him and I undo the flash he opens his mouth wide again until I take the bridle off. He closes his mouth when I do up the flash but when I take up the contact he sucks his tongue up onto the roof of his mouth and back into his throat. He works well and in a good frame but often has his mouth slightly open and top lip crinkled. Are there any bits which I could try that he might enjoy more? I have tried a very thin, shaped Bomber snaffle; a shaped Solo snaffle with a french link, a hanging D ring and he hates them all!

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Hi Sarah,

It is highly likely that your horse is tongue sensitive. He is trying to get away from the pressure placed on his tongue by most bits.

Usually my first suggestion is our Happy Tongue, but unfortunately the tongue relief bits are not Dressage legal, except in the USA.

The next best, legal bit, is our Snaffle Lock-Up. The Lock-up doesn't fold closed like a standard Snaffle, this eliminates the nut cracker effect.

While the Lock-Up doesn't actually relieve any tongue pressure, it does distribute the pressure evenly over the mouth, thus avoiding any pressure points.

I also suggest removing your flash noseband. In opening his mouth, your horse is trying to communicate that something is not right.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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