Young horse for polox too strong and sticks toungue out

Hi Bomber

Please can you help/advise.. I have a 5 year old gelding off the track that i am training up for polox (i play a 3). On the track he ran with his toungue out and so he does it with me, it always sticks out to the right. I origanally started off with the 3 ring snaffle and obviously no good.. I then came and did some hunting on your website and opted for the big ring gag happy toungue, which i used for a few months and as the polox seaon started i have only had him at practices never in a tournament and i found with the gag i had no breaks and also very strong and no control and his toungue still stuck out and he lifted his head up when asking him to stop. Terrance Kieth then recommended the waterford snaffle and i feel he is much better with the waterford his toungue does not stick out as much but i still find him very strong and not much breaks and i cant ride him with one hand. Please help..... look forward to your suggestions

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Hi Vanessa,

First off, have you had his teeth, neck and back checked?

He definitely sounds tongue sensitive. Yes, he would have raised his head in the rope gag, not because of the mouth piece, but because the action of the gag is to raise the bit in the horse's mouth.

My suggestion is to try him in a Williams McHardy. The McHardy still provides tongue relief, but it is stronger than the Happy Tongue. The Williams will give you some poll pressure, as well as helping with the turning aids.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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