Chomping on bit?

I've tried some different metals and mouth pieces and my horse reacts poorly to all of them.
French Link Sweet Iron Eggbutt-the bit his old owner used on him. He chewed on it from the moment I put it in his mouth through our entire ride and after we were done. He didn't pull much with this bit but didn't like a lot of contact either.
Stainless Steel Single Jointed Full Cheek-He chewed on this bit incessantly as well. Rather than soften, he would lean on my hand and lower his head when I asked for some contact and bend. He also refused to open his mouth when bridling.
Single Joint Copper 2 Ring Gag-Again Incessant chewing with lots of tooth marks in the bit. Refused to open his mouth for bridling.
Myler Low Port Eggbutt-Rather than chew this bit he rolled the roller in the middle the entire time. He was very resistant to contact and stiff in this bit, putting his nose down and out and pulling against my hand. He was also reluctant to move out and took a lot more leg to get him going. He also did not want to open his mouth for this bit.

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Hi Kendra,

I think there are two issues going on with your horse.

Firstly I believe that he is tongue sensitive, and most bits use tongue pressure. The Myler Low Port does not have enough of a port to provide any relief for his tongue.

Secondly, I believe he does not like metal, and that is why is chews everything incessantly.

My advice is to try him in a Bomber Blue. This will take the pressure off of his tongue, as well as being a non-metal bit. The Bomber Blue is made out of a nylon composite.

Unfortunately this bit is not Dressage legal, and there really are not many options that are legal for sensitive horses like yours.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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