different bits.

When hacking my horse (ISH) leans the bit and keeps his head long and low, but when schooling he has a high head carriage and a head tilt. Also when stressing about something he plays with his bit/mouth lots, but I believe it is tension and not bit/toungue pressure related. Can I hack in a buster-roller type bit, but school in a control plate? I am currently trialling a control plate on a loose ring and waiting for the same with a universal. He has [reviously been in a dutch gag for SJ and XC and a french link for Dressage/schooling/every day hacking. Thank you.

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Hi Sigolene,

Firstly, have you had your horse's teeth, neck and back checked?

While you certainly can change bits depending what you and your horse are doing that day, it shouldn't be necessary if the horse is happy with the mouth piece.

How much contact do you use when you are out hacking? What bit have you been using for both hacking and schooling? That will tell us whether it is the tongue pressure, or something else that is bothering your horse. I specifically need to know the mouth piece.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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