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I have a young S.A boerperd of 4 yrs who is tossing his head really badly, so much so that he is unsteady on his feet. He really objects to any contact at all. He also pulls the reins out and down. The vets have checked him, his teeth are done and I have just had a myofascial release therapist work on him too; all to no avail. I have been riding him in a happy mouth ellipitical loose ring snaffle. I have also tried both a plain one join eggbutt and a frenchlink eggbutt snaffle but that is all I have and none of them work. This horse is a second pony for my daughter that I want to school up for her so he cannot continue with this head throwing, it is so bad that his reins often end up over his ears because I can only ride him with such a loose rein that he can toss them all over. His mouth width I have measured as 125 mm wide. Can you suggest a bit for me? I live in Nelspruit so need to have it couriered to me if at all possible. My second horse takes the bit very well and is currently in an ellipitical eggbutt snaffle which he seems to prefer to the single link snaffle however he sometimes pulls his head out to the right while riding on that side and tilts his face up in a strange way, I am not sure if that is a bit avoidance issue or not? I am competing in dressage on him and would like to buy him an improved bit too if you have anything to suggest. He is generally soft mouthed but can hang on the bit and pull when excited so would like to have a bit more breaks available for those times.

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Hi Debbie
Thank you for your enquiry.
The best bit to start young horses on in order to avoid resistance to the bit is our loose ring Happy Tongue which is curved and ported to remove tongue pressure. All the things this young Boerperd is doing is typical of him objecting to the discomfort of the bits you have used so far.
This would also be a good bit for schooling your horse in as well although unfortunately, it is not legal for dressage. For competitions the best we can offer is the loose ring comfy lock-up. The lock-up stops the nutcracker action of a single break mouth piece and our comfy bend gives a little more relief as well.
Please don't hesitate if you require anything further.

Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
Thank you so much for the advice, sounds like I should have asked it a while ago. Please let me know how I go about buying those two bits, can I buy online? - Debbie 4 years ago
Hi Debbie, Please would you email me on sales@bombers.co.za and we can take it from there. - Claire @ Bombers 4 years ago
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