Looking for some bitting advice my mare is in a Williams Happy Tongue and she goes lovely in this and is very happy. Two things one its not dressage legal and two she's very strong when jumping in it. Shes very snatchy when schooling and jumping, could anyone recommend something that's dressage legal and and better to jump. Don't want to over bit just want somthing better for both of us.

I've tried her in a loose ring sweet iron with a lozenge and she hates it just shakes her head and goes round like a giraffe. She seems to like the port and sweet iron.......

Thinking she likes the straight bar with the port in it.

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Hi Drew,

Your mare is tongue sensitive, that is why she dislikes the Elliptical so much.

Which ring on the Williams do you rein connected to? The fact that she is still snatching at the bit tells me that she is still not completely happy with the mouth piece, and that she feels the combination is still a little strong. I feel she would be better in a Bomber Blue, which is very similar to the Happy Tongue, but is made out of a nylon composite. Unfortunately this is also not Dressage legal.

The best we can do, while staying inside the bitting rules for Dressage, is the Snaffle Lock-Up. The Lock-Up does not fold closed like a standard Snaffle, thus eliminating the nut cracker action. It does not take pressure off the tongue, but it does spread the pressure very evenly over the whole mouth, thus softening the action.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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