Difficult dressage gelding

My gelding has been leaning on the bit in full force and dragging me around the arena. However, he also does have a tendency to flip his head up, but is also very quick to suck back and get behind the vertical/bit. I switched him over to a Micklem bridle and that seemed to be better for a while, but even with that bridle he still opens his mouth and chomps on the bit even when I don't even have a contact. I currently ride him in a KK Ultra. This horse was a rescue and had previously been mistreated both on and off the ground.

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Hi Lisa,

Your gelding is objecting to where the bit is placing pressure in his mouth. Different horses prefer pressure to be placed in different places in the mouth.

Unfortunately the bitting rules for Dressage can make improving the horse's comfort quite difficult. My first recommendation for your horse would be the Bomber Blue, as this will take the pressure off his tongue, which is what he is looking for, but it is not Dressage legal. The next best option is a Snaffle Lock-Up. The Lock-up does not fold closed like a regular Snaffle, therefore eliminating the nut cracker action. The Lock-Up doesn't remove pressure from the horse's tongue, but it does spread the pressure very evenly over the whole mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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