Which bit would you suggest?

I'm looking for a bit for a thoroughbred x ish, his favourite so far has been a mullen mouth eggbutt snaffle but he tends to lean down on it a lot when jumping then jumps very flat and feels a bit wooden on the flat but not much leaning and he is happy in this xc but does need picking up a bit. I have tried a single jointed D which was a lot better for show jumping but he goes around with his mouth wide open and is harder to steer in this, he seems to like the cheltenham gag (single jointed) for show jumping and doesn't lean down but still goes around with his mouth wide open. I have also tried different snaffles and gags with french links and lozenges in lots of different cheek pieces but he seems to chomp on anything with a double joint and any sort of 2 ring gag/universal he fights it going into a jump and throws his head in the air, he is also not as easy to steer in anything compared to the mullen mouth. Also tried him in a mullen barrel and a low port myler but he snatched the reins and pulled down a lot in both, I thought a waterford might solve the leaning so tried a full cheek but couldn't steer and he spent the whole time chomping on that. Definitely looking for a dressage legal bit, possibly another for jumping if having different bits works best for him, what would you suggest?

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Hi Abigail,

I believe your horse has a sensitive tongue. Most bits use tongue pressure to some degree. Even your Mullen is not actually relieving the pressure, it is just distributing it around his mouth quite evenly. It is a lot of bit though.

My advise is to try a Williams Bomber Blue for your jumping, and generally training. The Bomber Blue has a low, wide port that will remove the pressure from his tongue. It is made from a nylon composite that is very well accepted. The Williams cheek piece gives you two options for rein position, allowing you to add some poll pressure if necessary. It also helps with steering.

For Dressage tests I recommend a Loose Ring Snaffle Lock-Up. This is the best we can do while still staying within the rules for Dressage, to make your horse comfortable. The Lock-Up looks like a standard Snaffle, but it does not fold closed. This allows the pressure from the bit to be evenly distributed, while also allowing for individual lateral aids.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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