What bit would you recommend for my TB mare?

My 9 year TB mare has a tendency to pull her head down and snatching the reins whenever I ask for a contact. When she does partially give an outline, she sticks her tongue out to the side and does go behind the vertical at times or throws her head up. She does lean on the bit quite a bit so I have found a loose ring more beneficial than a fixed ring, and steering can sometimes be an issue if she goes back to the old 'racing' mode. What bit would you suggest for her?

Posted in General, asked by Stef Brazier, 4 years ago. 673 hits.


Hi Stef,

Before I recommend a bit, please would you let me know what bits you have already tried. I particularly need to know what the mouth piece was.

With that information, I can tell where you horse does and does not what pressure placed in her mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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