Horse sticking tongue out and throwing its head up in resistance

My horse sticks his tongue out, pushes the bit with his tongue resulting in it occasionally going over the bit. He throws his head up in resistance and snakes it around whilst fighting contact. Sometimes if pressure is applied onto the left rein, he will resist and turn his head to the right. At times he will go behind the bit resulting in no contact what so ever.

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A horse that presents with this problem is trying to get away from the pressure of the bit. We would normally recommend our Happy Tongue mouth piece, which would reduce the pressure the horse objects to. Allowing him to then work into the contact quietly.

However, the dressage bitting rules do not allow this mouth piece.

The next best choice would be our Lock-up Snaffle, which removes the nutcracker action of a normal snaffle, and because our snaffle is curved it does reduce some of the pressure on the horse’s tongue. We have also made our rings in the middle smaller and smoother, so that one more pressure point is removed.

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