Which bit for polo horse

My 5 year old tb mare is constantly chewing and playing with bit. She leans on it for leverage and carries her head low most of the time. I currently play her in a big polo ring gag-see attached file. She does not use her hind well to stop and tends to stop forward although that may be her young age. The main issue is her chomping on bit and not focusing on game. She is not a head shaker unless there is extreme pressure used. I feel the Pelham is too harsh on her mouth although it does pick up her head.

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Hi Cindy,

Your mare's constant chewing is probably because she doesn't like metal. The fact that she is very low in front, with a Snaffle mouth piece, indicates that she is resisting the bit. A Snaffle's action is to ask the horse to raise it's head.

My suggestion is a Bomber Blue mouth piece. I also recommend going to a 3 Ring instead of the Big Ring Gag. The Gag lifts the bit in the horse's mouth, most horse's will compensate for this by raising their head, and turning it slightly to the left. This causes them to lose balance, and shorten their stride.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago
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