Strong Stallion - leaning down onto the bit

I have a very strong stallion who leans down on the bit and charges. The problem being we can't use any metal bits because they seem to rub his skin on his mouth raw. I have been using a Bomber pelham with a Bomber Blue mouthpiece which seems to have solved the problem with his skin, but he is still extremely strong and over bends in it. I was thinking of trying the Bomber Blue Swales Pelham, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kayla,

I believe your stallion would benefit greatly from a mouth piece that swivels. Our Swivels allow the horse to set the port to the angle that is most comfortable to them. This angle does not change when the rider takes up the reins.

The Pelham is still a little strong from him, and that is the reason that he over bending. It is an attempt to get away from the pressure. This often goes hand in hand with charging off, as the horse is trying to run away from the pressure.

We need to reduce as much of the pressure as possible, therefore I recommend a Drop Cheek Bomber Blue Swivel. I believe that the Swales will also be too strong for him.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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