Happy Tongue or Bomber blue


I have a polo pony who currently goes in a Polo 3 ring happy tongue. I think this might still be too much as she still stops with head up and out and tongue out. I would like to try a Bomber Blue but am not sure whether the Gag, Egg butt Gag or just stick with the Polo 3 ring.

I have also tried some pelhams and conventional gags and she hated them.


I look forward to hearing from you



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Hi Nick,

I have a slightly different suggestion for you.

The Bomber Blue isn't actually softer than the Happy Tongue, so we need to find something that really is going to take more pressure off your horse.

My suggestion is a McKenzie Swivel, in either the Happy Tongue or the Bomber Blue.

The McKenzie looks similar to a Pelham, but it doesn't have a curb chain. The mouth piece is able to rotate, this allows the horse to place the mouth piece at the angle that is comfortable to him. The rider cannot influence this, and the angle doesn't change when the reins are taken up.

This makes the McKenzie even softer.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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