Bitting question for Tb?

Hi, I have a retrained racehorse, who is know mainly hunting in England, currently out hunting she is ridden in the 21/2 ring snaffle, I just feel at times she is a bit too strong and although she goes in quite a nice outline if feeling too stressed will have her head up pretty high, especially when galloping. I know need to get more confidence on her and learn to ride a galloping horse, but I'm just wondering if a slight different mouthpiece may help, she does seem to like the 21/2 ring, i was wondering about the Colin Miles?? She actually prefers a jointed bit, I've tried her in my other horses happy tongue as well as the lock up and she wasn't as happy. Thank You.

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Hi Beckey,

Your mare is one that is happy to accept tongue pressure. The Snaffle mouth piece works mainly on the horse's bars, in a squeezing action. This nut cracker effect is asking the horse to raise her head, which is what you are seeing when things get a little tense.

The Colin Miles is quite a strong mouth piece, which applies a lot of tongue pressure. I would rather try the Elliptical first. The Elliptical is between the Control Plate and the Colin Miles in strength.


Claire @ Bombers
4 years ago


Brilliant Thank you, very much have arranged to trail the bit, will see how we go. Have had great success with both the Blue Bomber and McHardy on my other horse, who is sensitive to tongue press, she is like a different horse now :)

Beckey Wighton
4 years ago
That's fantastic Beckey! Please let me know how you get on with the bit!! - Claire @ Bombers 4 years ago
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