Strong cob who likes to rip reins from your hands

Strong maxi cob, well schooled but very clever! Likes to rip reins from you and Go!! I cant control her with her head down on floor. Usually ridden in loose ring snaffle with lozenge and similar Pelham bit. Fine at home but have absolutely no brakes or respect at shows.Did try tom thumb bit with rollers and she didn't lean or rip reins from me, much nicer feeling! Need a bit she cant get hold of and tank me off.

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Hi Jodie,

Was the Tom Thumb with rollers you tried a single break?

Your horse is having a large overreaction to the Elliptical. The Elliptical will use mainly tongue pressure, which asks the horse to lower their head. Your horse's overreaction tells me that she does not like pressure on her tongue, and she is trying to get away from it.

My suggestion is a Happy Tongue mouth piece for her. The cheek piece we settle on will depend at least somewhat on what disciple you compete in. Please let me know regarding your disciple and I will recommend a cheek piece for you mare.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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