No Control/Above and Behind the Bit

My horse will not turn at all if no nose band is used and then requires quite a bit of riding to get him to turn.
He raises his head in the air and pulls. He will run your leg along the fence or try to push through the fence to get out. Dives down (nose nearly to the ground) and pulls on the reins enough to pull you right out of the saddle, regardless of the amount of contact. He also curls under to avoid contact altogether. We have tried the Cambridge mouth, kimblewicke, eggbutt mullen, ported, and straight bars. We have not cantered for 3 years.

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Your horse is displaying many of the signs of a sensitive tongue. We suggest a Happy Tongue mouth piece, this will take the pressure off his tongue and allow him to work into the bit, instead of trying to avoid it. We would also suggest our 2 ½ Ring cheek piece. It allows you two options for rein attachments, with the bottom ring adding poll pressure.

6 years ago
When the Bomber 2 1/2 ring Happy Tongue arrived about a week ago it was incredible. He took it in his mouth and gave me the only feel I have ever had of his mouth. He barely tried to ride me into the fence. I was totally blown away, he even offered canter in control, both up and down transitions. He has consistently got better with each ride and you would not know that he hasn't cantered properly for three years. - 6 years ago
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