Polocrosse thoroughbred pulling forward

Hi guys.
I have a thoroughbred that I want to play Polocrosse with. He has been properly backed so is not green but still has a soft mouth. When I got him he had been off the track for 6 months just standing around. In teaching him the basics of English riding he was ridden in a Naith, his only objection was to the flash which he goes without now. He was always strong when picking up the pace or popping over a fence in the Naith and really pulled on the bit at times (forward as far as possible). To start Poloxrosse training I switched him over to an Eliptical French link snaffle. When going faster, with all the other horses around him, he gets excited and will not stop or turn. In schooling alone it is easier to stop and turn, but he will then again sometimes pull as far forward as possible. I am considering the rope gag, but am afraid that the nut-cracker action would force him to go with his nose in the air. Would you say a straight bar rope gag would be better?

Thank you, Estelle

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Hi Estelle,

You are correct, that the Rope Gag is likely to raise his head and is not the best idea.

Pulling forward is a sign that he is not happy with pressure on his tongue. I recommend a Williams Happy Tongue for him. The Happy Tongue mouth piece will take all the pressure off his tongue, which will result in him being more responsive to the bit. The Williams cheek pieces will help with turning, as the act is a similar way to the Fulmer. The Williams will also allow you two options for rein placement, therefore allowing you to add some poll pressure as well, when needed.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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