Horse not salivating

Hi, I bought a Polo Pelham 75 Happy Tongue 125 B16/10 about 2 years ago from you for a hard in the mouth horse that tends to lift her head. My problem is she is still not salivating at all. Is this bit not supposed to make her mouth foam?

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Hi Carla,

Yes, the sweet iron does encourage salivation, but some horse's will have a different reaction to the one we expect.

How is your mare going in the Happy Tongue? Does she accept it? Has she had her teeth, neck and back checked?

Salivation does encourage acceptance of the bit, but the horses reaction to the bit is more important. If the horse is quiet and relaxed with the bit, then I wouldn't worry about the lack of salivation. If she is still resisting, the we need to have a look at a different mouth piece for her.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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