Pony grabs side of bit, leans and crosses jaw

My 14.2hh 16yr old welsh D is currently ridden in a hanging check myler comfort snaffle, he goes better in this than a standard french link mouthpiece which he flicks the joint back in his mouth and and crunches the mouthpiece on with his teeth. He still chops and crunches the myler but cant flick the joint back - he mainly does this in walk, in trot/canter he is less busy in his mouth but will chew a bit and flick his tongue out occasionally. But in these paces he leans and is doesnt soften into the contact easily. He crosses his jaw through downward transitions and tries to lock the side of his jaw to evade bending and it takes a lot of work to get him to release. He also snatches the bit in walk and tried to pull the reins out of your hands but doesnt do this in other paces. This is starting to hinder our schooling and I was wondering if you could suggest an alternative?

Hes up to date with teeth checks etc. His old owners have ridden him in a waterford loose ring (I have tried a waterford but have similar problems just with slightly less leaning) and he was in a pelham quite young - He is quite light in this bit and seems to accept the curb action and doesnt resist as much, but i would rather not school him in it all the time. He can be strong when jumping and hacking but is fine in the school - I have attached some photos of the kind of thing im talking about.
Many Thanks.

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Hi Chloe,

Your horse is showing signs of tongue sensitivity. He doesn't like the pressure his current bit is placing on his tongue. The Myler Comfort Snaffle doesn't create a pressure point on the tongue, it distributes the pressure fairly evenly, but it is still using tongue pressure.

I also suspect that he may not like metal in his mouth, that is why he is chomping. Pulling the reins out of your hands and playing with his tongue are his way of trying to avoid the pressure being placed on his tongue.

I recommend for him a Loose Ring Bomber Blue. I prefer the Loose Ring because it allows a very quick release from pressure, when the rider gives, the bit will immediately reset in the horse's mouth. The Bomber Blue is ported to provide tongue relief, this will stop the resistances because he will now be comfortable in his mouth.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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