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Hi, I have a 5 year old tb mare, who has been off the track for over one and a half years. For six months she did nothing other than eat grass in the paddock as I had nowhere to ride.
About a year ago I started to school her and have only done dressage. The problem is that I can not find a bit that she enjoys. I normally use an egg but snaffle with a flash nose band to keep her mouth closed but she pulls with this. She has a soft mouth and after an examination from the vet we have found she has a sensitive tongue. I have tried all the bits I own. She even made teeth marks on one of your copper snaffles! She chewed through a happy mouth too. I almost feel that she should be ridden in a bit less bridle but I don't like this idea for cross country riding and or polocrosse which I eventually want to do on her.

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Hi Mandy,

Does your mare open her mouth without the Flash? Have you tried any three piece bits with her? For example a French Link, Control Plate or Elliptical? If so, how did she react?

I suspect that she wants the pressure taken off her tongue. The tongue relief bits are very soft, and that encourage the horses with very soft mouth to go into the bit properly instead of either disappearing behind it or leaning heavily on it.

I would prefer to wait to hear your answers to my questions above before recommending a bit for her.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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