USEF legal?

I have heard that in late 2014, the Happy Tongue bits were approved as USEF (usa) dressage legal. However, I cannot find any other proof of this, and many places still list it as NOT legal (but they are not in the USA). Can you assist? I have an email in to USEF as well.

My horse has a large tongue, and jointed bits just seem to be making him tongue play/stick it out. So far Mylers seem to be the only USEF legal with tongue relief, but I can't believe that's true...

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Hi Gayle,

The Happy Tongue, Bomber Blue and Ported Barrel are all legal for Dressage under the USEF. We have a letter from the USEF stating that the above bits are legal but it doesn't seem to want to upload here. If you send me an email on I will send the letter through to you.

Unfortunately they are the only association to recognize that some horses are very uncomfortable with pressure placed on their tongue. The tongue relief bit are all very soft bits.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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