Which bit can be used to stop the horse from bobbing her head up & down?

My horse is not very strong and stops quite easily however she bobs her head up and down continuously which is very annoying. I have ridden her in a loose ring plastic elliptical and she was a little strong in that. I have also tried her in an American gag but that lifted her head. I hadn't really considered that the head bobbing might be bit related.

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You are correct to suspect that the head bobbing is bit related. Your horse is objecting to the tongue pressure applied by the various bits you have tried. Both the “plastic” elliptical loose ring and the Pelham control plate would apply tongue pressure and the Pelham would also apply poll and curb pressure. The American gag was possibly a single break snaffle which has the effect of the horse lifting her head.

In view of this, we would recommend our happy tongue Williams 120mm which should eliminate the head bobbing.

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