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Good Morning.
I have a 6 year old Warmblood mare. Her back, neck and teeth are checked atleast 4 times a year and all is good.
We have tried quite a few bits as she seems to be quite picky. When we do put in bits she pulls quite a lot. We have tried different KK bits, which she dislikes a lot. Then we tried normal drop cheeks, also doesn't like. We have dried normal French links.
What we find is that she pulls her head up and down as soon as you try to work on the contact. I do have a very quiet seat and soft hands. And she does this with our trainers too. She is not strong at all. The best bit so far was a fullmer or a naith. However with the naith I don't get the contact as much. I have had a few people that said I should try a Bomber Happy Tongue? Do you have any suggestions? (we mainly do dressage and show jumping)
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Michelle Kotze

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Hi Michelle,

I do think that a Happy Tongue would be a very good choice for your mare. She is showing signs of tongue sensitivity. Although the Nathe doesn't create a pressure point on the tongue, it also doesn't take any pressure off the tongue, and your mare was finding it to strong for her.

The Happy Tongue is a very soft bit, which will remove the pressure from her tongue, allowing her to go forward into the contact.

Unfortunately the Happy Tongue isn't Dressage legal. The absolute best we can do for the tongue sensitive horse, while staying in the rules, is the Ultra Comfy Lock-Up. The Ultra Comfy is curved to create space for the horse's tongue, it is also double locked so that the curve remains the same even when the reins are taken up.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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