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I have a saddler mare that was previously in a riding school for 2 years and her mouth was pulled on in a gag. I have her in a frenchlink kimblewick at the moment, the french link because she has a low palette. She is better behaved in this but pulls her head up when pressure is applied. one of my trainers suggested a snaffle and I am very willing to try it as I have used a snaffle and I can walk her around in it but going any faster she is strong. what is your opinions?

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Hi Kristen,

The Snaffle (single joint) won't help with your horse lifting her head when you take up the contact. The snaffle uses a lot of squeezing action on the bars, which asks the horse to raise it's head, which would make you problem worse and not better.

Your horse is likely objection to direct tongue pressure. The French Link uses mainly tongue pressure, and because of the angle it is set at, it does not sit flat on the horse's tongue.

I recommend a 2½ Ring Barrel 20 for her. The Barrel 20 will spread the pressure out over her whole mouth, with slightly more being placed on the bars. The 2½ Ring has two options for rein placement. I recommend using the middle ring as much as possible, and only dropping to the bottom ring when you know that she is going to be more excited.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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