What bit best suits my horse/what bit would help?

I have a horse coming back into work after a 6 month injury and we have just started jumping etc. Got her saddle fitted, physio is out regularly and her teeth looked at. Shes an extremely sensitive horse and is very sensitive about her bit and her mouth (currently in a french link egg butt snaffle). She's very forward moving and strong and throws her head around and sticks her tongue out if she is unhappy with the contact. Generally she's very good but once she gets upset she refuses to settle down and won’t move into the contact (freaks out and puts her head up to bolt as she's very sensitive and nervous if you start to try stop her). Heard great stories about your bits doing wonders for sensitive mares so hoping there could be one for mine :) thanks heaps!

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Hi Eden,

Your mare is showing definite signs of being tongue sensitive. The French Link uses mainly tongue pressure, and because of the angle it sits at, it does not sit flat on the tongue, so the pressure is spread over a fairly small area.

I recommend a Loose Ring Happy Tongue for your mare. The Loose Rings allow a very quick release from pressure, so that the reward is quick. This is particularly important for these very sensitive mares.

The Happy Tongue has a low, wide port, which allows maximum tongue relief. Most of the traditional ports are too narrow to actually give proper tongue relief. Our port is also made thinner where it goes over the tongue, so that the bit will sit comfortably between the tongue and palate.

You will see a huge difference in your mare once the pressure is removed from her tongue, she will quickly become happy to go into the contact, and you will find when she does become unsettled, you will still be able to have a contact.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
Hi there, would you recommend this for jumping as well? she gets very strong in show jumping and cross country so is there another bit suitable as I would use the one your recommended for dressage if not suitable for jumping etc or is this bit fine for everything? Thanks! - Eden Johnstone 2 years ago
Hi Eden, The Happy Tongue isn't legal for Dressage, but it will be suitable for all your training as well as the Show Jumping and Cross Country. If you feel that you need a little more for the cross country we can go to a 2½ Ring for a bit of poll pressure. Regards, Claire@Bombers - Claire @ Bombers 2 years ago
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