Have been recommended to use the bomber lock up snaffle....

My trainer has recommended I try the Bomber Lock Up Snaffle for my mare as having some issues with her being inconsistent into the contact. She was originally in a simple peanut centered bit and then we changed into a hanging cheek snaffle, single joint, she was better in this for a while but has now gone back to the inconsistent and advoiding contact behavior. When i say this she comes against the hand, raising her head up and forward. She has become slightly heavier in the hand in the hanging cheek slightly onto the forehand. I tried a loose ring neue schule today and she was awful, worse into the contact. She also chomps on her bit when getting stressy or being asked for something she doesn't like, like a stress reaction. We compete at dressage so needs to be BD legal. Happy to try a bomber lock up as recommended if you feel that would be the best option however unsure as to if i should go for the loose ring or eggbutt options. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Hannah,

I agree with your trainer's recommendation. The Lock-Up is very soft, and spreads the pressure very evenly over the horse's mouth, which helps to build a consistent, soft contact.

The reaction you are seeing to the Hanging Cheek Snaffle is your mare responding in the correct way to what the bit is asking of her. The Snaffle (single joint) uses a lot of nut cracker on the horse's bars, this ask the horse to raise her head.

I almost always recommend Loose Rings over the Eggbutt, just because the Loose Rings release the pressure much faster than the Eggbutt. The Eggbutt has a friction release, which is slow.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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