Should I change his bit

We currently have our 15h Connemara in a bombers happy tongue . It has worked brilliantly . When we purchased him he was in a kimblewick , purely because his previous owner thought the port would help stop him putting his tongue over , it didn't .
The happy tongue has stopped all this but when first bridled or when standing still he continually stretches his head forward and down and opens his mouth snatching at the bit . Am I missing a possible problem somewhere ?
Kind regards

Julie Kilby

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Hi Julie,

What cheek piece is on the Happy Tongue you are currently using?

I would want him to be quieter when he is being bridled and is standing still, I could be that he is not as comfortable as we would like.

How is he when he is going forward, and when a contact is taken?

Lastly, has he had his neck, back and teeth checked? If could be that he is anticipation discomfort.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago
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