Bomber Fulmer Dressage Plate (Code B14, Size 135)

I've ordered this bit from you in December 2013 because it was dressage legal.

I hear that it is not dressage legal anymore. Is this true?

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Hi Zelda,

Yes, unfortunately it is true.

The FEI decided at their last technical meeting to reverse their decision on the legality of the Dressage Plate. Their reasoning is as follows
"In principle all bits that include a plate - loose/fixed - cannot be permitted. The "plate" is considered as a mechanical prevention and following fixation of the tongue bone. The Equipment Group finds that the choice of bits with different kind of tongue stimulation is covered in the bits allowed already. " Direct quote from the email we received from the FEI. The Dressage Control works in the same way as the French Link, the Dressage Control is just softer because it spreads the pressure out over a larger surface area.

Their ruling has left us a little confused.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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