Hi, I have a driving horse I do driven dressage with, she has always had mouth issues and rolls her tougnue behind the bit. I have been driving her in a kk correctional bit but she has now started getting more and more difficult to get a true outline she pokes her head up and out especially on downward transactions, she has her teeth done every six months. I think may be I need to reduce the bar pressure which bit would you recommend please

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Hi Jo,

The KK Correctional bit doesn't have a flat area that will sit nicely on the horse's bars. I suspect that you are right, and it is the bar pressure produced by the angle of the bit sitting on the bars that your mare is objecting to. I also believe that she is likely tongue sensitive, and that is why she was rolling her tongue behind the bit in the other bits you have tried.

I recommend the Happy Tongue mouth piece for her. The Happy Tongue has a straight area on either side of the port which is designed to sit on the bars, making the bit more comfortable for the horse, while still giving good tongue relief.


Claire @ Bombers
3 years ago


Bomber Bits made a wonderful custom Liverpool Petros Happy Tongue bit that has kept my mare from getting her tongue over the bit, and allowed for roller action on the bars of the mouth. I would love to see more Petros bits, maybe in a 4-ring like the Williams, which make for a beautiful driving bit. My mare is ribbon-light in the mouth, and extremely responsive. I am so glad Bomber Bits was willing to make the liverpool for me. Thank you.

2 years ago
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