Bomber Fulmer Dressage Plate (Code B14, Size 135)

Hi Claire

Thank you for explaining why the Bomber Fulmer Dressage Plate (Code B14, Size 135) is no longer dressage legal.

I originally bought this bit to assist with bringing up my horses head as he tends to be a bit on the forehand.

What other bit can you suggest that has got the same functions but is dressage legal?



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Hi Zelda,

Has the Fulmer Dressage Control been working well for your horse?

The action of the Dressage Control is to lower the horse’s head, and ask him to bring his nose in. This is why I need to know how well the bit has been working for you, if it has helped stop your horse from falling onto the forehand, then I will suggest something similar, if you still need to him to come up some, then I have a slightly different bit in mind that would work well.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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