Bomber Fulmer Dressage Plate (Code B14, Size 135)

Hi Claire

Thank you for the feedback.

As mentioned my horse used to be on the forehand badly and what happens he would also almost puts his head in then he is behind the bit.

I really liked the Fulmer Dressage Plate although it is meant to lower the head in a funny way it actually help with lifting his head actually.

Can you please give me an alternative for the Fulmer Dressage Plate as well as another alternative that is dressage legal as I still want him to pick up his head even more as he still is on the forehand from time to time.

At least I have two options that I can play around with.

Hope this answers your question.



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Hi Zelda,

The alternative to the Dressage Control is the Elliptical Dressage Control, which we can do in a . The Elliptical in the middle is the same length as the Dressage Control, but instead of being rounded as the Elliptical normally is, this one has been flattened so that it spreads the pressure out over a larger surface area, the side pieces have also been flattened.

For lifting the horse in front we recommend the Elliptical Dressage. Here the Elliptical is shorter, this creates more pinch on the bars, which asks the horse to raise his head. The mouth piece is also flattened to spread the pressure out.


Claire @ Bombers
2 years ago
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